As part of Budget 2024, the government signed off on a package of €257 million for the Increased Cost of Business (ICOB).  The main aim of this Grant is to support small and medium sized businesses by contributing towards their rising business related costs including energy, labour, rent, etc.



To Qualify for the ICOB Grant

To qualify for the ICOB grant your business must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be a commercially trading business, currently operating directly from a property that is commercially rateable.
  • It must have been trading on 1st February 2024 and your intention must be to continue trading for at least three months.
  • Your commercial rates bill must be equal to or less than €30,000 for 2023.
  • You must submit confirmation of your bank details to the relevant Local Authority.
  • The business must be considered rates compliant. This includes businesses with phased payment plans in place.
  • It must possess a valid Tax Registration Number.
  • It must be tax compliant.



The Grant Amount

The ICOB grant is a once-off payment based on the value of the 2023 commercial rates bill.


The grant is 50% of the commercial rates bill for eligible businesses with a 2023 bill of less than €10,000.


The grant is €5,000 for eligible businesses with a commercial rates bill of between €10,000 and €30,000.


Businesses, however, with a commercial rates bill over €30,000 are not eligible to receive this ICOB Grant.


Please be aware that Public institutions and financial institutions will not be eligible for the grant, except for Credit Unions and specific post office services.


Vacant properties will also not be eligible for the ICOB Grant.




It is important to keep in mind that this ICOB Grant is not a Commercial Rates waiver. Rateable businesses are still required to pay their commercial rates to their local authority.



Today, the Government issued two important updates concerning the Increase in Grant Scheme (ICOB):

  • They specifically targeted businesses in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. Businesses operating within these sectors are now eligible for a second grant payment which is equivalent to the initial ICOB Grant amount.


  • The closing date for eligibility confirmation which was 1st May 2024 has now been re- opened from 15th May to 29th May 2024.




Local Authorities are expected to begin paying out the ICOB Grant to eligible businesses in the coming weeks.




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