CRO update on filing date for annual returns

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The Registrar of Companies has decided to extend the filing deadline for companies with an Annual Return Date falling on 30th September 2020 or later  until Friday, 11 June 2021.


The extension of the deadline from 28th May 2021 was in recognition of difficulties being experienced when trying to file Annual Returns in the run-up to the filing deadline, which the CRO are currently working to resolve.


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From 21st May 2021 Revenue will recommence their assessment of the tax clearance status of businesses.


Please be aware that this may result in the rescinding of the tax clearance status of businesses that are currently in receipt of the EWSS and/or the CRSS.  It is essential to check the status of your tax clearance as your business may becoming ineligible to receive further payments under these schemes until the compliance issues concerned are fully resolved.


If Revenue have contacted you to remind you of your requirement to file outstanding returns or to address other compliance issues in order to retain your tax clearance status, please make sure you do so as a matter of urgency.


In summary, businesses which are reliant on the EWSS and/or the CRSS should take immediate action by contacting Revenue and addressing the outstanding issues.