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Stamp Duty Changes



Finance Act 2012 introduced a number of important changes to the stamp duty filing regime.

The changes apply to all instruments or deeds executed on or after 7th July 2012.




Key Changes in Stamp Duty Filing Regime

Where the execution date of an instrument or deed is on or after 7th July 2012:

  1. Adjudication of the stamp duty liability will not be necessary or possible.
  2. A late filing surcharge (5% or 10%) will apply where returns are filed late.
  3. There are new criteria for making a valid “expression of doubt.”




What these changes mean

  1. Instruments executed on or after 7th July 2012 will no longer be subject to adjudication.
  2. Stamp duty must be self-assessed in all such cases.
  3. Where unclear about the stamp duty treatment of a particular matter in the return then there is an option to make “an expression of doubt” on the ROS form.
  4. The criteria for making a valid expression of doubt are stricter.
  5. Revenue can reject an expression of doubt as not being genuine.
  6. If Revenue believes the expression of doubt is not genuine, they will issue a notice of rejection outlining the reasons.
  7. To obtain a Stamp Certificate the filer must immediately lodge an amended return and pay the related liability.
  8. The taxpayer will have the right to appeal to the Appeals Commissioner.
  9. An expression of doubt will not be accepted where the Stamp Duty Return is filed late.
  10. It is also possible to address technical tax queries to Revenue’s Technical Service (RTS).
  11. Late Returns will be subject to a surcharge.
  12. Revenue will continue to accept returns as being filed on time where filed up to forty four days after execution. (This is a Revenue Concession.)
  13. A 5% or 10% surcharge will apply depending on the lateness of the Return. Further information is available on [].



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